Make better products faster

Rapid prototyping helps companies turn great ideas into successful products faster than ever before. 3D printing your prototypes directly from CAD data enables fast, frequent revisions based on real-world testing and feedback.

Quang Minh can provide highly trusted integrated promptly from design to part production..
Quang Minh maintain close relationships with many ofmarket-leading companies in the automotive, motorcycles, motorcycles and electronics industries (styling, design, processing, and etc.).

♦ Create High Speed / Precise Machining Tool Path CAM.
♦ Prevent defect / overload/ overcutting by Machining Simulation on PC.
♦ Established Full 3D Date system, Automatic Tool Change System for CNC.
♦ Inspect Mold and Jig after each machining process with 3D measuring device
CAM-Programer- On Hp Workstation

♦ We use the professional design software.
♦ With full 3D data system of all processes, we could minimize defect and the lead time.
♦ Adopted design automated system and built Database of all mold components.
♦ Constructed inventive Quang Minh Mold Standard by integrating know-how learnt from various customers and accumulated technology.

CAD-Designer- On Hp Workstation

By mold flow analysis, can pre-study and find expected problems with part and mold design. Through this process, provide the best injection parameter to Customer.

By filling, cooling & warpage analysis, find the best gating system (location, size, type, etc.) and optimized cooling line design.