Quanlity is mission – Success is destination

Dear Valued Customers

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Quang Minh Moulding Company Limited would like to send the most grateful greetings to our valued customers. We sincerely thank you for using the products and services provided by our company.

Our company was established in 2013 with the staff including skilled engineers who have been trained acedamically with many years of experience. We are confident for resolving all technical issues in the fields of design, manufacturing and assembly: Jig, mould.

With 24/7 service, whatever troubles you have,  it is possible for us to have immediate support and solutions, as well as appoint technical engineers to the site, the factory to help us, avoiding the interruption in the production process of the customers.

The satisfaction of the customers is our working criteria, frequently updating and as the leader in technology with the human resource as the motivation for development. In order to have sustainable development, the company’s profit must go together with the customers’ benefit. In order to guarantee the customers’ benefit, our staff have been trained professionally to bring the best solutions and services to the customers. Thanks to these, our key partners are Vietnam Stanley Electricity Company Limited and Yamaha Motor Parts Manufacturing Vietnam.

We, all staff of Quang Minh Moulding Company Limited make the commitment that we will try our best to derserve with the paid expenses of the valued customers and with the belief as well as responsibilities entrusted by the company.

Sincerely thank the valued customers for the belief and usage of the products, services of Quang Minh Moulding Company Limited.

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