♦ Create High Speed / Precise Machining Tool Path CAM.
♦ Prevent defect / overload/ overcutting by Machining Simulation on PC.
♦ Established Full 3D Date system, Automatic Tool Change System for CNC.
♦ Inspect Mold and Jig after each machining process with 3D measuring device
CAM-Programer- On Hp Workstation

♦ We use the professional design software.
♦ With full 3D data system of all processes, we could minimize defect and the lead time.
♦ Adopted design automated system and built Database of all mold components.
♦ Constructed inventive Quang Minh Mold Standard by integrating know-how learnt from various customers and accumulated technology.

CAD-Designer- On Hp Workstation

By mold flow analysis, can pre-study and find expected problems with part and mold design. Through this process, provide the best injection parameter to Customer.

By filling, cooling & warpage analysis, find the best gating system (location, size, type, etc.) and optimized cooling line design.