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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Quang Minh Mold Co., Ltd would like to send our best regards. Sincerely thank all of you for using the products and services provided by us.

Established in 2013 with a team of skilled engineers, with many years of experience, basic and intensive training. We can confidently solve all technical problems in the field of design, machining and assembly: jig, mold.

With 24/7 support service, no matter what your problem is, we can offer instant support solutions, and there will be technical staff on site. in the field, the factory to handle completely to avoid disruption in the production process of the customer.

Our goal is to always take customer satisfaction as working criterion, always update, take the lead in technology, always consider the human factor as the driving force for development. For sustainable development, company profits must be associated with the interests of customers. To ensure the interests of customers, we always invest in our staff to learn and foster specialized knowledge to provide the best solutions and service packages. Because of this, we have major partners, Stanley Electric Vietnam Co., Ltd. and Yamaha Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd.

We all officers and employees of Quang Minh Mold Co., Ltd are committed to striving with their best efforts to deserve every dollar of our customers. spend and deserve the trust and responsibility entrusted by the Company.

Sincere thanks to you for your trust and use of Quang Minh Mold Co., Ltd. .

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1. Mold spare parts business
Trading in all kinds of spare parts for molds such as: knife grinding wheel, water quail, tools for polishing molds, & nbsp; polishing stones, diamond polishing powder, ..

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Types of push pins in the mold Guide pin and molded silver Types of quail in the mold

2. Trading in auxiliary processing machinery such as: & nbsp; mold polishing machine, mold polishing machine, & nbsp; hand chamfering knife, CNC milling cutter, Taro machine

Auxiliary machinery:

CNC knife grinder Air tapping machine Polishing and molding machine

3. Trading in all kinds of cutting tools such as: Taiwan CNC milling cutters, & nbsp; knife grinding wheels, flat grinders, & nbsp; drill bits, threaded taro points

CNC knife sharpener Threaded tapping points CNC milling cutters

3. Design and manufacture of jigs and molds:
+ Designing and manufacturing all kinds of jigs, molds
+ Serve for automotive, motorcycle and electronics industries such as test jigs, assembly jigs, plastic injection molds, blow molds

Types of mounting and inspection jigs:

Blow and injection molds:

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